The Museum of Prisoner of War Camps in Szubin will study and preserve the memory of a little-known aspect of the region’s 20th-century history: the thousands of POWs from Allied nations held in the local German camps during World War II. The history will be told within the broader context of the establishment and functioning of the German POW camp network in German-occupied Poland; the stories and camp life of the Allied prisoners; and, the relationships between the Szubin locals and the prisoners.

The museum will provide a separate space for research-related events (conferences, lectures, discussions), educational activities (museum lessons) and cultural events (concerts, temporary exhibitions). 

Already designated as a Place of National Memory, the site will become an important spot on the map for all those who are interested in World War II and the experiences of the POWs: their descendants, academic researchers, and those with a keen interest in history. 

A monument adjacent to the building will commemorate the prisoners. Individual plaques will bear  the names and ranks of the thousands of POWs who were imprisoned in the Szubin camps during World War II.